Wednesday, October 03, 2007

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Wednesday, November 10, 2004

Hot Topic: Can we get donated licenses for our donated computers?

I am an MCSE, MCDBA who has been in the tech sector for 8 years. I also am a volunteer at the computer lab of the Logan Square Boys and Girls Club in Chicago, IL. The company I work for and some friends have generously donated some older but usable computers for me to give to kids who don’t have one at home. To let the kids “earn” the computers, I teach them a little A+ - type hardware knowledge, and a little Windows and application stuff. The only thing that I am missing is Windows licenses. All of the XP licenses that were associated with those physical machines were kept for their new computers. These computers are going to kids between the ages of 9 and 18 who would probably not be able to afford a computer themselves. Right now, I have 11 computers. I guess I could install Linux and on them, but they are accustomed to Windows and Office, so they would be able to use them much more productively if I could install that on them, instead. The problem is that I have no money for this. Do you have a program for donating licenses for this type of program?

Tuesday, November 09, 2004

Ready to Ditch Your E-Mail Provider?

Date: 11/09/04
TechSoup: How-To: Computer Networks
If your e-mail host doesn't offer spam filtering, storage, encrypted e-mail, or a slick Web interface to check your messages, it's time to consider a switch.

Perhaps you've stayed with the same host because you don't know the steps to make a change. Luckily, transitioning from one host to another doesn't have to mean days of downtime, bouncing e-mails, losing messages, or losing sleep. [Original Story]

Monday, November 08, 2004

HOT TOPIC: Grants for CTCs

Does anyone have any information about community technology grants for the next fiscal year 05-06?

Friday, November 05, 2004

Islands in the Wastestream

Date: 11/05/04
TechSoup: How-To: Hardware

CompuMentor's Jim Lynch talks about PC recycling in a recently released report where he suggests donating old systems to schools, nonprofits, or low-income families.
CompuMentor's Jim Lynch talks about PC recycling in a recently released report. He suggests donating old systems to schools, nonprofits, or low-income families instead of throwing them into landfills.

In the United States, fewer than 15 percent of discarded computers are actually recycled. Instead, most are stored, dumped overseas, or go into landfills and eventually into groundwater. By 2007, the US will be awash in 500 million defunct computers and monitors.

Jim Lynch, Senior Program Manager for Computer Recycling and Reuse at "Islands in the
Wastestream", he discusses the business of PC recycling, the environment, and ways to get more technology into the hands of those who need it. [Original Story]

Hot Topic: My Monitor Keeps Crashing. What to do?

TechSoup Discussions
Hot Topic: My monitor keeps crashing
"My monitor crashes everytime i get into windows and the monitor isnt the problem because ive use it perfectly on a diferent pc. The pc works great in safe mode execpt i dont wana have 2 run it in safe mode all the time."

Read the thread here

Hot Topic: Laptop Recommendations. The TechSoup Community Sounds Off and The Debate continues

Hi everyone, I am feeling a little overwhelmed about buying a new laptop, so I decided to come to my favorite community for some advice. My laptop is on the fritz. It is a four year old HP that got pretty beat up during college. I have been told by multiple people that rather than trying to fix it, I should use the money towards buying a new one. Though I have primarily used PCs in the past, I am thinknig that I want a Mac, possibly an iBook. I have browsed the "store" on but am feeling a little lost. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated!

Hot Topic: guest access to a public PC?

I am setting up a computer to run at the back of my church. it is intended that people will be able to access the interent through to access resources online. It is running windows 98 (2nd ed), and has a floppy drive, cd drive and not a lot else. I am looking for a way to limit the users abilities when using the system. I would like them to not be able to install any programs without a password, or similar. also password blocking access to the cd drive/floppy drive would be handy. does anyone know of a method to do this, or any software that will do it for me?

Tuesday, November 02, 2004

Helpful Links and Resources for Voters

Whether or not you live in the United States, your eyes and ears are likely tuned to this year's pivotal presidential election.

If you're looking for up-to-date election news, need help finding your polling place, or you just want to see where the candidates stand on the issues, TechSoup has provided a list of helpful links to make election day a bit easier.

Check out the election day resource page.

Saturday, October 30, 2004

Technology Issues: Bush vs. Kerry

TechSoup News
Technology Issues: Bush v Kerry
President Bush and Senator John Kerry may not agree on most fundamental issues like stem cell research and health care, but technology is one area where the candidates share similar viewpoints.

Both politicians espouse the importance of technological innovation, focusing efforts on increasing broadband and Wi-Fi accessibility and developing hydrogen fuel-cell technology. Each supports a tax cut for technology research and development. At different times, Bush and Kerry have both mentioned that technology can improve the quality of our nation’s healthcare system. [Original Story